Monday, January 26, 2009

Today's Mood Is...

It has been a crappy day, overall.  Mayhap I will delve into some specifics later (however there is one specific I cannot get into on the intarwebs.  I promised silence and will keep it).  

But even on crappy days, weird things happen to me that I don't think ever happen to anyone else.  For instance...

I take a combination of prescribed medications and vitamin / mineral supplements to control my blood sugar.  One of the supplements I take is cinnamon.  If nothing else, it makes my insides smell a little better.  

So this morning, I take my prescribed medications, my Vitamin B, my chromium, and my cinnamon.  All is well until about an hour later.  I felt a little belch coming, and so I did the polite thing (since I am in the middle of an office) and belched into my mouth / throat with my mouth shut, in order to exhale it through my nose once it was finished.  All went according to plan until I exhaled.  Then IT happened.

A cloud of dust came out of my nose.  A cloud of cinnamon dust.  There is no mistaking the smell (or apparently the burn).  It was enough that I could see the remnants on my keyboard.  I do not know if anyone else saw it.  If they did, they didn't say anything.  But still, I can only imagine what it must have looked like.

And THAT is how my Monday is going.


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  1. If Gloria Jeans was still open you could moonlight as a latte condiment dispenser! (I wouldn't send you to the other place)

    hope the rest of your Monday is going/will be better for ya.

    hey sidenote, what ever happened to the Ravens analysis on ADSB?