Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today's Mood Is...

Sometimes I am just a spectator...

I have mentioned before that I try to brown bag it (or at least freezer it) as much as I possibly can handle it so as to save a few bucks.  It just makes sense, especially in today's economy.  Well Doo Wop wanted a fish sub, and (newly promoted to supervisor!) Gaza Strip Club (heretofore known as MS. Gaza Strip Club) wanted to get the hell out of the office for a while (which is eminently understandable).  Okoye decided she wanted to go for a ride, too.  And boy, am I glad that I stayed behind...

It seems that Doo Wop was driving.  Since none of you have ever been in the car with her while she was driving, I will tell you what it is like when she is behind the wheel.


Or something like that.

Anyway, Ms. Club told me that someone cut Doo Wop off while they were driving back from whatever place they went to.  To which Doo Wop responded by yelling...

...well, it isn't exactly PC, folks.  so if you get offended easily do not read the next sentence.

She called the guy a "black African bush boogie".

I don't know if you think it is more acceptable since Doo Wop is black, but for the sake of argument and in order to keep this from getting to be a black / white thing I figured I should mention that.

It seems Okoye was on the phone, speaking in whatever language she grew up with (Ms. Club called it Urdu.  Take from that what you will).  The person on the phone obviously understands SOME English, because there was an almost immediate, heated conversation happening on the phone in a couple of different languages.

Doo Wop didn't even realize she said anything until Ms. Club and I told her what happened.

It reminded me of a story from a few months ago.  Wifey and I met my parents for something and we wound up having lunch together at a local diner.  nothing wildly exciting.  I was sitting directly across from my father, Wifey was directly across from my mother.  I was having a conversation with my father while Mom and Wifey talked about whatever it was they were discussing.  

Then it happened.

At the risk of going into details that are not for the faint of heart, I heard my mother try to tell Wifey about a new cake recipe she had.  It was a 12 cup Bundt Cake recipe.

Now take the first letter of the word "cup" and use it to replace the first letter of the word "Bundt".

I'll wait...

Yup, my mother said she made a cake out of 12 of a word that you really never expect your mother to say.  

And she hoped in vain that I hadn't heard her.  But my immediate stopping in mid word of a conversation with my father to look at her told her that I had in fact caught it.

I think she might still be banned from all the Double-T's in the greater metropolitan area.

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