Friday, February 20, 2009

Today's Mood Is...

"I can't do my wooooooork!"

SO the Axis of Evil that is my former employer (UMMS) is at it again.

When I worked for them, they had so many cooks stirring the soup that it became a cacophony of wooden spoons banging into each other and nothing could get done.  When one of those "vital cogs" moves on, the rest stare at each other, and instead of assessing their team's strengths and weaknesses and looking on how to make it work and work better, they just send all the work to a 3rd party company that had never even handled what I do.  Their plan basically consisted of saying "Not it!" before everyone else did.  Luckily for me and Wifey, the new company needed someone who could do what I do and didn't feel like going on a big job search when they had me right at their fingertips.

Over the last 5-6 months I feel like I have proven myself to the new company, and they have shown me that they see what I do and they respect my ability to do my job.

And then UMMS swoops in and screws it all up.

Don't worry, I am not being fired / laid off / otherwise reduced in any capacity.  This involves the inability of the UMMS IT Department to make it so that I can do my job.

I have to access the system through a remote server and a network connection.  So why for the last 3 days have I been randomly kicked out and the software I use gotten so discombobulated that I have to restart my computer 10-12 times in an 8 hour workday?  

Because they are to busy playing "Not it!" to do anything about the problem.

I want to re-institute the 3 martini lunch.  If I am going to be stuck sitting in an office, incapable of doing anything, I should at least be able to be drunk.  Seems fair to me.

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