Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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In what I hope will be a new, regular weekly post here, I welcome you to the first installment of 

"It's a Child, not a Triple Word Score in Scrabble"

Here I will post names that I have found while in the process of my daily work routine.  These are all actual names of actual patients with actual parents that apparently see the alphabet as their own version of 52 card pickup.  They are in no order other than the order that I noticed them and decided they needed to be made part of the public record.  No last names will be given, as that would violate all kinds of laws and regulations.  If the name seems to be based in a factual ethnic background as opposed to someone not knowing / caring how to spell "Nicole" (just wait for it) then I will probably not use it (and how do I make that designation?  I look at the last name.  If the last name is a singular name and the first name is a singular name, odds are it is a translation of the old country spelling and approximation is therefore necessary.  If your last name is "Jones" you don't need to go adding consonants all willy-nilly.  I do not care if the consonant is sometimes silent.  I can no longer be).  So without further ado...

Week 1 (Feb 19-25)

  • Dennise
  • Keyera
  • Daishacheae
  • Mynyawn
  • Knycol

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