Friday, August 11, 2006

Cat for sale?

I want to make sure that you have read the previous post before you read this one. So go ahead and read that, and then come back. In the meantime, here is a picture of a gigantic container of mustard trying to eat a toddler.

...Okay, did you get through that last post? Well than, let us proceed. As far as BSR becoming BSD(addy), let's look at the Big Board of Intuition and see who has what score...

BSR - 1
Wifey - 0

Yup, according to the stick she came home and peed on, the only thing growing in her is her distrust for my ability to pull out in time. And I think I have excellent timing (maybe no couth, but excellent timing). Now Wifey is looking forward to bleeding out of her pee hole (2 things. One, I know that her pee hole is actually not the same place. But I was trying to turn a cute phrase. Two, who would have thought that she - or any other woman ever - would look forward to that particular body function). If there is no river running through it by next week, she will re-take the test and (I assume) hope for a similar result.

So why is the cat possibly for sale? Because she has taken her annoying habit of meowing CONSTANTLY and expanded it to 3 in the morning. Until now, while too dumb to actually learn her name, she was smart enough to shut the hell up when the human overlords of the domicile were sleeping. But not last night. If it continues through the weekend, there will be a sacrifice, and a kitty head on a spike in the front yard in order to warn others to shut their stinking traps when I am trying to catch some "Z"'s.

That is all for now.


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  1. Is she taking the test very first thing in the morning... if not the chances increase by 75% that the results are inacurate

    Also if you're trying to pawn your psycho kitty off to one of us, maybe you should make him sound apealing :-)

    Sorry I haven't posted... the anniversary let down was just too depressing to write about