Monday, August 14, 2006

Lunch Break quick hit

Oky, scanning while munching on some roasted chicken, and I started reading an article by Bil Simmons (he's known as "The Sports Guy". Good stuff. I recommend you check him out). In it he is reviewing his summer movies, and since he has seen a sneak preview for "Invincible" (the new Marky Mark movie where he is a bartender in Philly who tries out for and makes the Eagles) he included that in his article. It is in this part of th article that the following qoute occurs:

That's a classic ridiculous Hollywood subplot -- the ugly bar owner who's somehow related to a beautiful single woman in her mid-20s who loves sports, has a great sense of humor and enjoys hanging out with loser locals at a bar. Like that person exists. And if that wasn't unrealistic enough, they have the gall to make her an extremely attractive, naturally blonde Giants fan? Why not just cast Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster?

And this is the woman he is referring to...

Her name is Elizabeth Banks. You might remember her from "The 40 Year Old Virgin" as the crazy sex chick who eventually hooks up with the guy from "Freaks and Geeks". I have my doubts to whether or not she is a natural blonde. I wouldn't mind finding out. Definitely hot. Too hot to be a Giants fan. And THAT is comedy.

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