Monday, March 17, 2008

Holy CRAP!

I don't believe what I just saw! Fineous Reese just posted again. Go look for yourself, his link is to the right of this.

By the way, if you peruse the links to the right, you will see some additions and subtractions. Psycho has left the blogosphere. I do not know where she has gone, but I hope she is well. I removed Spamaliscious for 2 reasons. First because I haven't posted there in a long, long time, and do not see myself getting back to it. When I wasn't working from home half time I had to find whatever I could to fill the time I spent on hold here. Now I don't even update this and the sports blog regularly. Three is just too many. Second, it sounded way too much like "Fergiliscious", and my humps are not lovely or ladylike. It is a comparison that I just cannot allow to continue. Likewise, the Ballschwanck blog is gone. No one had been hitting that up for 6 months plus, so there seemed no reason to keep it there.

If Wifey ever:

A) gives me a new link for her, or
B) updaters her now 11 month dormant blog...

You will find out about it here.

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