Monday, March 31, 2008

Nummy Nummy...

I neglected to mention that the Translator Lawyer had Wifey and myself over for dinner Saturday evening. The food was DELICIOUS (I am still waiting for the recipe for that onion / mustard sauteed sauce that was such a good compliment to the chicken. I am thinking of trying it with some nice cuts of pork on the grill). The dessert was faboo (when is the last time someone made YOU homemade apple pie? I bet it has been longer than you think). The conversation was (as always) stimulating. I even enjoyed the pre-meal cheese and the after meal Wifey / Translator Guitar Hero III on Wii competition. I had never had "Havarti" (sp?) cheese. I liked it.

So a hearty "RUB A DUB DUB, THANKS FOR THE GRUB" to C3PO for a lovely evening. We shall have to do it again sometime. Maybe in a neutral location in order to break this "my house / your house" banter.

Who's house? Run's house!!!!!

Mayhap the International House of Pancakes will serve us Swiss food as we declare our mutual neutrality?


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