Monday, March 31, 2008

Should I stay? Or should I go?

Okay, it is time for a little self-reflection. Nothing deep and uber-personal, just a little thing I noticed today.

I had just posted on the sports blog, and was absent-mindedly clicking on the "next blog" button while waiting patiently for some schmuck in Owings Mills to pick up the phone (Blue Cross / Blue Shield = Blue Balls / Numb Ass when it comes to customer service). The thing I noticed is that the vast (and by vast I mean around the neighborhood of 80-90%) majority of the blogs I was routed to were in non-English. It makes me wonder if I am reaching my target audience here if the vast majority of people who might stumble onto this site would look at it the same way I was looking at the one from someone who is from the Far East, if the characters on the page were any indication (I would, however, love to se the spellcheck on that). The pics were a dead give away.

Should I look into moving to another site? I would have to find one that my socialist agenda IT department sanctioned firewall would allow to get to my computer. But it is something to think about. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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