Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today's Mood Is...

Hey Hollywood...
CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stop re-releasing movies with extra shit on them all the damn time! It is getting to the point that I am afraid to buy a damn movie because I know that there will be a new, 2 disc ultra-shiny edition the week after I pick it up, making mine useless, because I want all the extras. However, I am sick and tired of paying for them twice! It just so happens that I already own both of these, and now I have a hankering to buy them again (along with a hunk of cheese, which I also have a hankerin' for). And you are pissing me the hell off with this!
I have no problem with a movie being re-released, digitally remastered, and boxed up nice. The recent run of movies like Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, and most recently Bonnie and Clyde all deserved this treatment. However, that is no excuse for you to put the movie out, and then put it out again a couple months (or even a year and a half) later.
And by the way, THAT is the really sneaky shit you have been pulling. Put them both out at the same time! Let those who want the extras and are willing to pay a few more bucks pony up for it when it is released and let the straight meat and potatoes, "Just give me the damn movie" people have their version. And in a way, I can even understand the later re-release of Harold and Kumar. It wasn't exactly a box office smash (like my Transylvania Twist), and it became one of those DVD hits that eventually forced the sequel, so that is a miss I can comprehend if not like. But Walk The Line? Come on! It was a $100 million + grosser (especially if you add the overseas numbers), and it was a multiple award winner (open your mind to the fact that there are more movie awards besides the Oscars and that MTV crap). You KNEW you had all this extra stuff, this extended cut and all that. And you waited MONTHS to put it out, knowing that even those of us that have become skeptical of you but that loved the movie would break down and buy the original DVD release. Then you spring this on us, and why? To celebrate the upcoming Network TV premiere? Or just to F$@* with us? I say the latter.
So now I have a decision to make. Do I pick these up, or just get a friend that has them to burn me copies? Hollywood will never know, but my wallet will.
Hollywood, you are officially on my shit list, and have been nominated for Jackholes of the Year by ME. And since THESE awards are not nearly as secretive as yours, I can tell you that you currently have the inside track to be a BIG winner this year.

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