Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Today's Mood Is...

Well, I am happy to report that Ebil Kitteh returned home safe and sound. It seems that after a couple of hours of hunting with no success, she decided that while her evil overlords might keep her locked up in this multi-leveled dungeon of horrors, at least it was warm and there was always food. It even makes Ebil Puppeh seem like a fair trade.

Wifey saw her standing by the front window yesterday a little bit before noon. Since she got out the back door and was last seen in the rat-tree, I can only assume that she came to the back door and window and got no response since I was at work and Wifey had concluded "Screw you, you ungrateful ball of fur and bitchiness" and gotten on with her daily routine. So Kitteh had to come around the block and figure out which house was ours and get in the window and get someone's attention.

According to Wifey, Kitteh tried to play it off with a quick "hey, what's happenin? Mind if I come in and hang witcha for awhile?" attitude while waiting to be let in, but as soon as she got in the house she ran STRAIGHT to the food and water bowls and stuffed her face like there was not going to be a tomorrow. Apparently hunting in vain takes a lot out of you.

Kitteh did bring home one treat though, and that would be the smell of rat. All of that hunting and rolling around got her quite pungent. Wifey wanted to wait until I got home to give her a bath, knowing that carnage would ensue, but the odor was too much for her, especially when Wifey tried to nap and Kitteh tried to make nice with her by trying to cuddle. So Wifey bathed her. If Wifey is so inclined, she can leave a comment explaining just how it went.

Finally a quick shout out and thanks to Larry The Upstairs Neighbor for the link that is attached to the title. It is NSFW, but still funny as all hell.

Talk to you all next time, you ungrateful balls of fur and bitchiness!


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