Monday, March 03, 2008

Today's Mood Is...

I promise that sometime this week I will post something of some significance. And for those who follow the sports blog, there will be a detailed post coming on that this week also. Unfortunately I have a coworker on maternity leave, and her being absent the last 2 months has put EVERYBODY else in the hole. If rumors that abound are true, she will be back, and that right soon. So look for my ability to slack while at work to increase at least tenfold.
I did want to post something though. And this morning Wifey gave me the perfect thing to post.
It was about 3:30 or 4 this morning when I got up because I had to go potty. After finishing my dirty sinful business, I washed my hands and returned to the bed. Wifey had thrown her arm across the bed into the spot that was needed for my back in order for me to be horizontal, so I gently moved it. This woke Wifey up, or to be more accurate, this caused Wifey to approach a level of semi-consciousness that would allow some mumbling while rolling over. Well, Wifey did wake up a bit, moved her arm and allowed me to get into bed. Then, as I lay on the bed about to pull the covers back up over me, she patted me on the thigh and said "Happy Birthday".
At the time of her well wishes it was March 3rd. My birthday is April 9th.
Maybe she was dreaming of what she is planning for me for my birthday. Maybe she was just confused. Maybe there WAS some magic in that old silk hat I found.
(And just to be sure, I searched Sean Bean's birthday. It is April 17th. But I am pretty sure that she already knew that)
So a Very Happy (and extremely early) Birthday to me. But even with these well wishes, I don't care if she gets a head cold, I am NOT hanging out in a greenhouse. I ain't melting for NOBODY!

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  1. In other news, Happy Un-Birthday! (there are secret messages in the art!)