Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Today's Mood Is...

There have been some policy changes here in Purgatory.  To be perfectly honest with you I am not overly fond of most of them.  They smack of trying to overly control the staff, and draw a fuzzy line in between the pluses and minuses of being a salaried employee versus those of being an hourly employee.  Basically the Brothers Chinn want to be able to treat us like salaried employees (which we are) when it is convenient for them, but to treat us like hourly employees when it is convenient for them.

It is not surprising to say that these policies and procedure changes have not gone over any better with the rest of the staff than they have with me.  But while I (with one noticeable exception of a text message rant to GSC) have kept my opinions relatively quiet, others are beginning to get vocal in their displeasure.  And I have the distinct feeling that in the very near future it is going to come to a head.

I can only hope that the head it comes to isn't going to be rolling down the parking lot, guillotine-style.  But I am not 100% convinced that it won't happen, either.



  1. Staying calm might be the best etteetoode-a to have, at least until you get more info. Then use said info to destroy them!

  2. Blog Friend! How you been? I know, I've been all sorts of lazy on the blogging front... as well as fickle. My life the last year has been so insane, I'm amazed I do in fact sill live! The dating blog never went away BTW... I just had to change the URL cause one of my boyfriends found it and got all bent and then distributed the link to everyone I knew... :-/ Anyway, you can link to me here: thepsychogf.blogspot.com

    See you round the net!