Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today's Mood Is...

So there is this insurance called the Government Employee Health Association.   Like many other long named companies, it is usually known by it's initials (G.E.H.A. - and I bet you know where this is going now).  Most people spell it out (like the insurance M.D.I.P.A.  No one calls it "Emdeepah").  But not EVERYONE does this...

The "nice" lady from the deepest darkest concrete jungles of Middle River just called me to inquire about a bill.  And she kept telling me that while Blue Cross was in fact her MEDICAL insurance, her primary dental insurance was "Gee-HAA".  And she said it like that







Eventually, she shut her festering gob hole long enough to hear me say that we do not even HAVE Blue Cross in the insurance screen, so the DENTAL department did not, in fact, bill Blue Cross, but that the hospital did when her precious snowflake had dental surgery (facility and room fees, anesthesia bills and so forth).  The first few times I tried to explain it I spelled out G.E.H.A. in the hopes that it would sink into her Maury Povich / Jerry Springer addled brain (that is an educated guess as to her viewing habits based on geography and the not brief enough conversation that she and I had).  Eventually, after realizing that I was not getting through to her, I ALSO said "GEE-HAAA!" (a couple of times I even said "Gee-HAW" just to add to the frivolity).

She picked it up pretty quickly after that.  I can only chalk it up to putting into terms she could understand.

I refrained from telling her to "com' on back now, ya' hear?".  But it was not an easy thing to not say.

10 minutes and counting...

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