Saturday, October 15, 2005

Have murder your way

The link is not the commercial I am about to refer to, but on the off chance you have no idea what I am talkling about when I reference the creepy Burger King, now you will be able to fathom the character.

Personally, I think the new Burger King ads are freaking hilarious. The giant headed King with a case of Perma-grin makes me laugh every time I see one of the spots. Until recently.

The latest commercial I have seen is for BK coffee, or "joe" as they are calling it. I DO like the fact that they are trying to bring back the nickname "joe" for coffee. I have always liked dime store novel terminology and would like to see more of it. Humphrey Bogart is due for an upturn in nostalgia and reverence. As long as they leave the song "Key Largo" out of the montage.

Anyway, the newest commercial starts with a construction worker on a high rise site, driving rivets into some framework. Once again, the face of the King peers around a girder, all grinning and happy. He hands the worker a large cup of coffee.

In BK's attempt to reach out more to the average man who wants more bang for the buck, they have 3 kinds of coffee...decaf, regular, and extra-strength. It goes alongf with the Ultimate Whopper and Meatnourmous Omlette (Which by the way is MIGHTY tasty). Extra strength coffee is a good idea, and I am surprised one of the big companies hasn't thought of it before.

But HERE is where it gets truly macabre. After the obligitory cut away to the "action shots" of coffee being brewed and poured into waiting cups, all hot and steamy and inviting, they cut back to the King and the construction worker standing on a girder, HIGH above the streets. and the King PUSHES THE CONSTRUCTION WORKER, WHO MOMENTARILY LOSES HIS BALANCE BEFORE RECOVERING. The King just attempted homicide! And the construction worker gives him a dirty look, then the King does that two handed point gesture, as if to say "GOTCHA", and the construction worker starts laughing! Either he is a moron or that is ONE DAMN GOOD CUP OF COFFEE! For me, I don't care how good the coffee is, I am not to fond of attempts on my life. I don't care how much of a cultural icon you were or are.

By the way, does anyone else remember when BK used the King back in the 70's and 80's? He would go to different chains and do magic shows? I used to have a collection of his (whatever they called Happy Meals in BK) toys. I LOVED the magic water jug.

I might be going to an Oktoberfest in a little while. If I do, I will have to come back with my drunken ramblings tonight. If not, well, who knows. Definitely no later than when I get bored at work on Monday.


  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

    NO I haven't seen that commercial but I would probably be thrown for a loop if I did. It probably won't show now. Wow you are really telling your age-I don't remember a BK king. I guess that's where the paper crowns come from right?

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