Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Okay, I lied. No post after Oktoberfest. No post from work Monday. I hope all of you reading this self masturbation understand and forgive me.

Not too much to go into. I had some good post ideas yesterday, but couldn't get the time to log in and write 'em. I am enjoying the show that is Asian Mustard Lady (forevermore known here as Mustard. I was gonna call her ASL, but then it feels like I am trying to cyber with all of you every time I type it). She is having issues with other hospital employees causing her to have to repeat work she has already done. Also, she is getting the runaround from Blue Cross (which for those of you who don't know, is about as regular as a man in a Metamucil drinking contest). She is getting very frustuated, and as a result she keeps muting her phone to vent "under her breath" (but I can hear just fine), than goign back and starting over. I shant repeat the comments, but trust me when I say they are priceless. My favorite is **press hold button** "Sugar Honey Iced Tea! I did not say that to them! I would NEVER say that!" **take person off hold**, I'm sorry. Do you have documentation of that conversation? I think I would recall that...". The whole time I am watching her do a slow burn that would make Jack Benny proud (and if you don't know who that is, well that's just awful). I love using Sugar Honey Iced Tea as way of cussing without cussing. THAT makes it all worthwhile.

If you like comic books, or just really damn funny web pages, go to . I will soon be making that a permanent link, as it is THAT good of a site and it updates fairly regularly (as much as his job will allow. With options like "Superman is a Dick", and "Everything is Better With Monkeys", it will entertain for HOURS (longer if you use dial-up)


As soon as I get the logistics worked out, I will be opening my new CafePress store. Soon you can be as snarky as me, and in 100% pre-shrunk cotton! GET TO KNOW ME!!!!! (credit to Jon Lovitz)

This post has been the suck, I will strive to do better next time. Hopefully I will have something worth writing about. But with my life, you never know.


  1. Blue cross really is the devil. I can empathize with Asian Mustard Lady. And yeah... that site is now the higlight of my day.

    Keep it up!

    PS: I think your link to my blog is broken... looks like one to many "http://" thingys...

  2. OMG-Ron I actually got a picture up on my blog! I used (much more user friendly than the Hello program that eblogger recommends.) The quality is really low, it makes me look kind of weird... but it's linked! Let me know if you need help with it:-)

  3. Belle6:46 AM

    Hey honey. As usual your post are hilarious. I'll be checking in more frequently now that I have the link.
    Love ya.
    You know who.

  4. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Wow you're a whore? I am whore too.