Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It Is Time For Another Round Of...

It's a Child, NOT a Triple Word Score in Scrabble!!!!!

Where we will once again open the vaults and pull back the curtains of children who have parents who like to use the occasion of bringing new life into the world as an excuse for completely making shit up as they go!

Before I continue with this week's list, I forgot to include a few last week that really should have been on that list.  I got "Amyracle", but I forgot "Miracle".  We have 4 of them.  Also there is the child who was deemed worthy of being named "Unique".  I can only hope that the last name is "New York".  Finally, two that might just mean that we have reached the End of Days.  I am speaking of Jihad and Messiah.  No, they are not related.  At least not by blood.  But possibly by destiny.  Or maybe Destiny.

Speaking of Destiny...
  • Destinae
  • Destinee (8 of them)
  • Destiney(2)
  • Destini (I prefer to call this one The Great Destini and imagine that they are a magician from back in the days of vaudeville)
  • Destinie (4)
  • Destiny (56.  Yup, 56 of them.  So not only do we all have a destiny, if we want we could all have a Destiny.  I have enough to go around).

The great thing is, this isn't even the list that I had planned out for you.  This is just an addition to last week that was skipped over.  So without further ado...

  • Kylah
  • Niyah
  • Christvain (another big expectation name.  I like to think that this one will be a wine maker, because Christvain Winery sounds AWESOME)
  • Brachae
  • G'waun
  • Saquarius
  • Theheerah
  • Daayan (maybe he is a Lieutenant?)

And of course...
  • Moustapha (the Lyin' King?)

And now let's play a game.  If you come up with a theme for one of these posts, I will try to find the names that fit in that theme.

Good luck!


  1. I should add that I have, in fact, found the SINGLE. GREATEST. NAME. EVER. It is one of the Destinys. The thing is, it is their last name. And for legal reasons I am not giving that out. But I will show it to a couple people that I trust, and if they want to make a comment about it that is fine, as long as they DO NOT PUT IT UP ON THIS SITE.

    But seriously, it is the most awesome last name EVAR.

  2. How about: How you hear it isn't ALWAYS how you SPELL IT.

  3. Is G'waun's last name Gedoudahere, or Beadit? And where is Uneek and Uniik?

    Daayan is annoying, but 'Daayam' would be AWESOME! Or 'Sheeyiitt' which is totally a Baltimore name to be.

  4. I am going to start looking for those this week. All the ones I have posted so far have been ones I have come across randomly while going about the business of my daily work routine.