Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today's Mood Is...

with a bonus round of...

And why is this my mood?  Because it is time for another round of America's Favorite Blog Based Game Show...

It's a Child!  Not a Triple Word Score in Scrabble!!!!!

Where we will once again pull back the curtain of inanity and shine the flashlight of common sense at the cockroaches of grammar, and watch as they scurry back to the fetid depths of malaise and apathy that strike fear in the hearts of those who believe that language ACTUALLY HAS RULES!!!!!

So, without further ado...

  • Apuquaye (isn't this the lounge Isaac works on the Love Boat?)
  • Cadence (you must say her name the same way EVERY TIME)
  • Dajour (he's the Child of the Day!)
  • Duewajini (hey, Major Nelson did!)
  • Janicua (a vampire that only attacks in winter, maybe?)
  • Kemp (future Young Republican)
  • Neekorley (I don't know what to think of this one, to be perfectly honest)
  • Ngozika (Oh no!  There goes Tokyo!  Go Go Ngozika!)
  • Rodolfo (either he is royalty, or someone stuttered while expressing their response to something funny they saw in a chat room.  Maybe both)

And of course (and an early candidate for the MOST POWERFUL NAME IN THE WORLD...

  • SheRa

And so we reach the end of another installment.  Please join us again next Wednesday (this one is on a Thursday because I was out of the office all day on business and could not access my LOA - List Of Awesome) as we dig deeper and deeper into the dark corners of the human psyche, where naming children is less about honoring your ancestors and more about trying to make sure their name will set off every spell checker ever designed.


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