Monday, March 30, 2009

Today's Mood Is...

Without getting into the litany of things that are wrong with me (and I am just referring to the physical ailments.  If we were to go for the mental / psychological this would quickly go dissertation-length), I have had to sleep on the couch for the last week and a half in order to alleviate a pain in my leg.  This pain in my leg has kept me from elevating my legs and feet like I am supposed to do.  This caused my feet and legs to swell up overnight.  THAT caused my compression stockings, socks, and shoes to almost not fir on my feet / legs.  THAT also made it difficult to tie my shoes.  And now my feet are throbbing at the restraints that have been placed on them.

I have to work at Bullseye tonight.  Asshat McGee (someone I have to work with for about another month) will be there after I have had a glorious week of having not seen him since last Monday.  I also have to deal with him on Tuesday and Thursday (I am off Wednesday, he is off Fri and Sat).  Him being there means I will have to do a lot more moving / walking around because I cannot stand to be in the same room as him.  This is going to make my feet and legs hurt even more...

It is going to be a long week.

Okay, I am done whining for now.  But I cannot guarantee I won't start again at some point.

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