Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Today's Mood Is...

There are 2 types of teeth, primary and secondary.  Primary teeth are often referred to as baby teeth.  These are the ones that are expected to fall out eventually.  Secondary teeth are your (hopefully) permanent teeth.  There are 20 primary teeth and 32 secondary.  Primary teeth are notated with letters, secondary teeth with numbers.

Also, all of your teeth (except for your MIGHTY INCISORS) have six sides to them.  

Why am I telling you all of this, and why is there a picture of Jennifer Lopez?

Because a young patient who was seen in my office had a two surface filling done on one of their teeth.  It was a primary tooth, tooth "J", and the surfaces in question were the lingual and the occlusal.  The procedures office fee was $153, but the insurance would only pay $93 of it.  But all I could see was "J-LO, $153, $93".  

So now we know how much her love DOES cost, no matter how much she protests to the contrary.


  1. wow, totally not where I thought you were going with the teeth/lopez lead in.

    although if you'd actually gone the erotic cannibalism route it would've been even weirder.

  2. I try to save my dental slashfic postings for my "awake and drunk at 4AM on a Tuesday".

    Which is why they are so prevalent.