Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today's Mood Is...

(with a tip o' the shirt to C3PO for reminding me how awesome this pic is...)
There is a coffee maker in the break room. No charge, no suggested donation, no "drop a quarter in the cup". Just a coffee maker and the creamer and sugar that all the repair shops have (if you have ever taken your vehicle to one of the chain places for tires or a muffler or an oil change or anything like that and had a cup of coffee while you were waiting you know EXACTLY what I am talking about). It has a flavor all its own.
There are 3 or 4 gold tone filters in the break room. We use one at the house. It is great for saving a few bucks and is better for the environment since it is reusable.
There are also regular paper coffee filters in the break room. We also have them at the house. We use them if the gold tone filter is in the sink waiting to be washed and we are feeling too lazy / tired and in need of coffee to wash it, and also to filter the water in the Iced Tea Maker, which we also use to boil / filter water for consumption, since the gold tone won't fit into the smaller basket.
What we DON'T do at the house, however, is use a paper filter IN the gold tone filter. That would be redundant, and a complete waste of resources. However, for some reason that escapes me, it is done here.
I usually don't drink the coffee here (the fact that it makes me feel like I am being forced to work while waiting at Mr. Tire is added reason). I bring a giant mug (I have the 34 oz travel mug in basic black with a metallic band in the middle. But now that I have seen the 52 oz. one, I have a new quest) with coffee that I make in the morning (actually I program the coffee maker the night before) that I like (God is shining down on me, making Dunkin' Donuts coffee available at Bullseye Inc. for large scale purchase, and at a better price than this online site I just shamelessly hotlinked to). But this morning I am dragging a little more than usual, and I forgot to bring my beloved GIGANTOR mug home from work last night (I washed it and left it next to the sink), so I had to break out one of the smaller travel mugs that we have in the house (we probably have 4 or 5 travel mugs total, and that is after Wifey and I pared down our collection after beginning co-habitation) , and have had to refill it a couple of times with coffee that is more Pep Boys than pep giving.
If you have a spare moment (and have a deity that you worship), say a little prayer for my stomach lining that it will survive this swill.


  1. I miss working at Gloria Jean's, moreso now that the whole store is gone :(

    hopefully you were not visited by the colon dragon today!

  2. the whole store is gone? Janet killed it? Damn, man. That sucks. Maybe you and I should see about reopening a franchise there and running it. It'll be like recess EVERY DAY, only a lot more cafeinneated. I am 99% sure that word is spelled wrong, but I do not care enough to check into it.

  3. running our own coffee shop could be awesome. maybe not in that particular high rent mall unless you recently won the lottery (I haven't) but somewhere it would rock. I've been to the one in Australia! (hint hint, nudge, wink wink, bodyslam)