Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today's Mood Is...

Which is being caused by THIS...

I neglected to mention yesterday that I had to make a bank run, and since my nearest branch is 25 minutes away, I decided to stop and grab some lunch on the way back.
One of those places that I grew up going to (and the place where I had my first ever "real" job) was Hardee's. I worked there 20 years ago, when they were making a big push to expand out of the South and into the Northeast. They (unfortunately just like Krispy Kreme) ended up failing and pulling back. But there are still a few bastions of ginormous-osity, and one is not too far from one of the branches of my bank (the fact that it is right down the street from a hospital is also rather fitting).
I was having a craving for a Mushroom and Swiss (the Mush-n-Swiss from Hardee's is LEGENDARY), so I parked the car and went to walk in (I don't care that gas has gone down $2/gallon in the last month and a half, I am not wasting the money to do the drive-thru). And THAT is when I saw the sign in the window for the PORK CHOP AND GRAVY BISCUIT.
It is just my luck that it is a breakfast only sandwich. But imagine (if you will) a boneless pork chop, breaded and deep fried like chicken, then put on a homemade biscuit and smothered on both sides by sausage gravy...
I will give you a moment to wipe the drool from your keyboard as I am doing to mine.
Oh. My. GOD. As much as I do not want to wake up any earlier than absolutely, legally necessary on ANY given day I can see myself setting the alarm sometime soon on a weekend day and picking up a few of these. I understand that if you buy 4 you get a coupon for 50% off your next angioplasty. How can you turn down a bargain like that?
BTW - the Frisco burger at Hardees is also damn tasty. Just sayin'.

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