Friday, October 31, 2008

Today's Mood Is...

Organized begging in quasi-celebration of a pagan harvesting day will probably have begun by the time you read this. The only redeeming factor that I can currently see to this is that if the current economic climate it might be beneficial to teach the kiddies that begging for handouts is okay. After all, coal faced street urchins are more apt to get those crusts of bread you will need to feed your family.
So start dressing the little bastards up and send 'em on over to our house! I won't be home, but Wifey and Momm-o-in-law will be (Wifey is going all out for her costume this year. She is going to be the "I don't give a rat's ass about this stupid damn holiday and I want you off my damn property but my husband bought three freaking jumbo-sized bags of fun sized Skittles and / or Starburst and what the hell is so fun about fun sized anyway but wait I got off track so anyway he bought all this damn candy and if you don't send your spawn up to mooch for it I will wind up eating it and I will feel all bloated and will need a root canal and why the hell didn't he get good candy like chocolate so I could have turned off all the lights in the house and hid in the bedroom with the TV and my mom and we could have spent the whole night watching BBC America and eating miniature Hershey bars and since I am already chocolate colored he would not have known EVER and I would have had a much more satisfying evening I mean really Skittles why the hell do I want to taste a rainbow when I can taste chocolate and peanut butter dammit!!!!")
And believe me that is not an easy costume to find in ANY store or thrift shop.
Happy Halloween my minions.

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